Legal translation services for one of the world's leading Law Firms

About Rödl & Partner

Rödl & Partner is a multi-disciplinary professional service company of german origin offering audit, accounting, tax, legal and business consulting services. The company has a strong global presence with more than 5,000 employees in 109 offices across 49 countries.

Our company has been using Yellow Hub’s services for several years now. Translation accuracy, fast turnarounds and the ability to often meet our increasingly particular demands have all contributed to Yellow Hub becoming our trusted partner when it comes to language solutions.

Project overview

Rödl & Partner

Legal Consulting Services
Present in 49 Countries

Language solutions

300,000 words yearly
+10 Years of Partnership

Yellow Hub Language Solutions

The Rödl & Partner – Yellow Hub relationship was born more than 10 years ago. During this time together, we have translated millions of words of legal and financial content, helping Rödl & Partner service their clients in Italy and Europe when it comes to multilingual documents. 


Translated file formats

Today we translate for Rödl & Partner an average of 300,000 words per year of legal and financial documentation.

We serve Rödl & Partner’s offices in Milan and Bolzano through our dedicated account and project management team. Most of the content we translate for them is either financial or legal documentation, and 80% of these are translations from German into Italian (DE-IT) or Italian into German (IT-DE). The translation workflows vary largely depending on the nature of the content: 

Other translation challenges


Most of the translation work we do for Rödl & Partner is either of legal or financial nature and with these kinds of texts, technical terminology is often a major challenge. Terms can be completely different from one country to another - some are in fact untranslatable - that is why it is vital to work with glossaries and build a solid translation memory.

Scanned PDF files

Scanned PDFs are images (which means the text is not editable) and this makes the translation workflow more complicated. Accessing the content within a scanned PDF (other than manually typing it) requires using OCR (Optical Character Recognition) software, which can convert the scanned information into editable text. However, conversions are often not 100% accurate and you may find strange characters, broken lines, additional spacing, and many other formatting issues in the new editable file.