An interview with Cama Group

This is a written record of an interview with Claudio Guarnerio, Head of the Instruction Manual Department.

Why are instruction manuals important to those companies that buy Cama’s products?

The instruction manuals are vital for those who acquire Cama’s products, as it is the first place they turn to when having to look for answers, procedures, and information related to the operation and maintenance of the machines.

At what stage in the product development cycle are instruction manuals created?

The manuals development process is done parallelly to that of the machines. Some of the information that goes in the manuals is already available during the design phase, while other is included at the end of the process — once the machine is finished and we proceed to do inhouse testing.

What’s the most challenging part of developing instruction manuals?

All the stages of the development process are quite sensitive. The level of complexity of our products is extremely high, and it requires a constant synergy between different departments: design, production, and testing.

But thanks to technology advancements, the process of manual development has reached new heights, and today it is even possible to integrate our manuals into augmented reality systems built “ad hoc” for each machine.

What could potentially go wrong if there are mistakes in these documents?

It means that we would be providing our customers with misleading information, which could potentially affect their productivity.

When creating the original copy of these manuals, do you already have into account the fact that they need to be translated into other languages?

Definitely. We define target languages for each of the instruction manuals very early in the product development process.

How do you measure the quality and success of the documentation created?

Customers usually reach out to us whenever they find inconsistencies or mistakes in the manuals. So it is quite simple: the less our customers contact us to clarify questions regarding the documentation, the better it is.

How do Yellow Hub’s project managers collaborate with your own team?

We are in contact with Yellow Hub’s project managers on a daily basis, whether it is to launch new translation projects, clarify information about existing ones or simply get updated on our deliveries.

Why do you trust Yellow Hub as a language partner?

Our partnership has been long-lasting and it has proven to be effective.