Translation Services for Design, Fashion & Luxury

We offer translation services for companies that produce and export high-quality goods and services that are often recognizable in their design, exclusivity, and limited availability.

Adapt your marketing content with our transcreation services

Companies in design, fashion, and luxury have to focus much more closely on their image than businesses in other industries. This is also true from a marketing perspective, with these companies often creating sophisticated campaigns and messages to target their audience. For highly creative content, such as social posts or landing pages, we offer a very special service called transcreation which involves translating the text creatively.

Localize your Website & eCommerce

For highly visible brands, their corporate website is often the center of their digital strategy and the easiest way to build credibility and reputation online. We help localize it into other languages to develop global visibility and drive sales internationally.

Desktop Publishing Services

PDFs, booklets, manuals, or magazines often carry several images and have a very specific layout. That’s why our DTP team ensures that all translated documents look the same as the original provided, maintaining the format, the structure, and the program with which it was created.

We are on hand to support you with the translation of the following documents:

Why choose Yellow Hub?

Expert knowledge

Linguistically accurate and culturally competent translations are critical elements in growing international customer loyalty and achieving global success. That’s why we select our translators based on their proven knowledge of industry terminology and previous experience in the field.

Terminology management

Technical sheets or product descriptions usually contain specialized concepts which have to be translated accurately and consistently. We keep terminology precise and accurate thanks to our in-house terminology resources.

Turnaround times

If you’ve got large volumes of content and tight deadlines, we can easily scale up our translation solutions thanks to our vast network of linguists and our cutting-edge technology platforms.