Audiovisual Translation Services

Make the most of your multimedia content and reach international audiences with our audiovisual translation services.


Dubbing means that the spoken fragments are translated into another language and are visually adapted and lip-synced and mixed with the original production. Background noises and soundtrack often remain the same.


Subtitles act as a linguistic aid that enables viewers to follow and understand what is going on the screen. These are added as translated text to the original version of the film or series, and most of the time are found on the lower part of the screen.


Captions are meant to support people who are deaf or hard of hearing and differ from subtitles, which translate dialogue for viewers who speak a different language. Subtitles assume the audience can hear music, background sounds, or non-verbal content. Captions, by contrast, will include these sounds in addition to all dialogue.

Translating dialogues

The distinctive trait of most audiovisual products is the use of dialogues, which are characterized by lively and spontaneous language. The type of language used in dialogues (exclamations and interjections, rhymed scenes and jokes, elliptical sentences, grammar deviations) makes the work of a translator extremely challenging.

Translating dialogues requires transferring the written language onto the screen without adding strange expressions or demanding and unreasonable, unnatural effort on the part of the character who is speaking.

Why choose us?

Technology Driven

Technology Driven Audiovisual translation is intrinsically related to technology. Unlike other types of translation in which technology is an added value, in this case, it is essential. It is quite common to run into formatting and audio problems. That’s why we are equipped with subtitling, image processing, and sound software systems which make our job possible.

Culture-specific process

The translation of films and series is not only a linguistic but also a cultural process. Often, a scene may contain a phrase that is specific to the source and for which there is no equivalent in the target language. For this kind of job, we choose translators with both, cultural and linguistic knowledge of the source language in order to achieve the best possible translation.

Turnaround times

Every time a new show becomes is launched, people in different countries expect to have access to the dubbed version or alternatively subtitles. Localizing audiovisual content correctly is a demanding task, but short deadlines are the norm. Fortunately, Yellow Hub has a vast network of trusted linguists and cutting-edge technology platforms.