Helping a Global Leader in Packaging Solutions run their Business Globally

About Cama Group

Cama Group is a worldwide leader in the engineering and manufacturing of secondary packaging systems for multinational firms in the food industry (bakery, confectionery, coffee, ice cream, dairy, ready meals, grocery) and others (Personal, Health & Home Care). The company which was founded in 1981 in the city of Garbagnate Monastero, close to Lecco (Lombardy), is now present in 8 countries and leads the path of new generation machines and robotic loading units with the latest open-architecture electronic controls.

We are in contact with Yellow Hub’s project managers on a daily basis, whether it is to launch new translation projects, clarify information about existing ones or simply get updated on our deliveries. Our partnership has been long-lasting and it has proven to be effective.

Project overview

Cama Group

€90m in Revenue

Language solutions

1 million words yearly
47 Language combinations

Yellow Hub Language Solutions

The Cama Group – Yellow Hub relationship dates back to more than 10 years. Cama was looking for a long-term language service partner that could keep up the pace with their ambitions for rapid global expansion. Like us, they are also a family-owned business that has been built around hard work and innovation. You can easily tell when you enter their headquarters in Lecco, as the reception wall reads: 

"In memoria di nostro padre Paolo Bellante, che con la sua passione, caparbietà e genialità ci ha dato l’opportunità di continuare con orgoglio e infaticabile impegno questa “sfida” chiamata Cama Group". Sempre tuoi Annalisa e Daniele.

During these years we have completed multiple projects and translated millions of words, allowing Cama to sustain their international operations in the UK and Germany, and launch new business operations in the United States, China, and Australia.


Translated file formats

Every year we translate for Cama Group an average of 1 million words into 45 different language pairs

high-quality technical translations

Most of the content we translate for Cama (user manuals & product specifications) is of technical nature, which presents a challenge of its own. The machinery the company sells to other firms must be installed, used, and maintained over the years, and it is of vital importance that they can rely on the available documentation to do so. 

In order to produce reader-friendly content, the text in the manuals needs to be written in a simple, concise, and clear way and follow the standard regulations of different countries. Yet, that is often easier said than done when these are loaded with technical terms and writing conventions. That is why, to provide Cama with quality translations, we follow a localization plan that includes:

Other translation challenges

Supporting multiple language pairs

Coordinating translation projects into 45 language pairs demands an experienced project management team and a trusted network of professional linguists. Our project managers ensure translation memories and termbases are always updated and review the quality of the translated output by automatic and linguistic quality assurance checks.

InDesign Files

Cama’s manuals are created as InDesign files, which is often a complicated type of file format. After translation, the text in these documents will often contract or expand (as words and grammatical structure vary from language to language), altering the layout and design of the document and ultimately requiring desktop publishing services.

Customer expectations

Cama’s stakeholders have extremely high expectations given potential mistakes in translation can lead to expensive errors on the client site and potentially leave Cama open to litigation and other legal risks.