Food & Beverage Industry Translation Services

Globalization in the food industry

Advances in transportation and communications technology over the last few decades have contributed to the growing globalization of the food and beverage industry. This trend is particularly rooted in Europe, which has become the biggest importer and exporter of food in the world, with Italian cuisine topping the ranking as the world’s largest exporter.

Today, almost any food and beverage company can aim at marketing its products internationally, but in order to do so, they first need to break down language and cultural barriers. The way they position themselves, and choose to craft their messages in their target markets usually makes or breaks the deal.

How we support brands in the food & beverage industry

Selling internationally is the ultimate goal for many firms, but before you can actually do so, you’ll need to localize labels and product packaging and guarantee they are compliant with regulations in all your international markets (labeling requirements differ from country to country, including information such as nutritional values, allergens, and expiry dates).

Your marketing team will want their documents and campaign to retain the tone of voice and persuasiveness across languages but also adapt to different cultural sensitivities. Your legal department will need to get documents such as patents or terms and conditions translated quickly in order to seize the market opportunities.

Documents that we Translate

Industry Experience

The food and beverage industry is a diverse conglomerate involving firms in food processing, packaging and distribution. Our status as preferred supplier with firms such as Stock Spirits and Cama Group demonstrates the trust our clients place in us.

Why work with Yellow Hub?

Network of Linguists

Our network of certified linguists are based all over the world. Yellow Hub is ready to translate your content into any language. 

Dedicated Support:

You can rely on our dedicated account managers to handle any questions you may have and keep you updated with the progress of your projects. 

Any File Format:

We can handle any file format, from Microsoft Word, PDFs, InDesign, XML and even paper copies of documents.

Quality Driven Process:

We are accredited to ISO 9001 for quality systems and ISO 17100, which covers all aspects of the translation process directly affecting the quality and delivery of translation services.