Website Localization & Multilingual SEO

We offer website localization and multilingual SEO services for companies looking to expand their online presence and reach local markets.

Website localization

Website localization is a holistic process in which web content is adapted for consumption by a specific audience in a specific market. It typically involves translation but also requires adapting other things like units of measurement, currencies, payment options, imagery, symbols, etc. 

Why localize your website?

Cross geographical borders

Only 20% of the world’s population speaks English. By localizing your website, you're increasing your chances of targeting the remaining 80%.

Create Genuine connections with local consumers

When your website is translated and localized for a specific group of customers, you’re proving you understand and care about them.

Scale your business revenue

Accuracy and coherence of the written word are critical when it comes to legal documents. To guarantee your legal translations meet the highest quality standards, we offer a very special service: translations carried out by a mother tongue lawyer in the target language and reviewed by a language professional.

Increase your findability
with Multilingual SEO

If you want users to find your website on Google, you probably know how important it is to optimize your web content for search engines. The same logic follows with content in other languages.

Translating your site into other languages is a good start, but the best way to get your multilingual content seen by as many people as possible is to make sure it appears at the top of the search engine results page.

Stages of Multilingual SEO

Why choose us?

Turnaround times

We know that launching a website in another language can be a complex process, that requires not only experience in the linguistic field but also technical expertise. We have the know-how to guide you through every step of the way.

Culture-specific process

The localization of keywords is not only a linguistic but also a cultural process. Often, recognizing the equivalent term in a target language requires understanding what’s known as search intent, meaning how users search for particular products or services in a specific particular market.

Technology Driven

Whether it's WordPress, Shopify, or a hard-coded site, every client has a different set-up. We have the necessary tools to make sure that regardless of your system, we can set up a streamlined workflow to access and deliver your content easily.