40th anniversary:
1982 to 2022

My name is Giuliana Massolo and I’m president of Yellow Hub TDR. I officially started the company 40 years ago, but I’d been working with languages for a long time before that. We’d like to share the story of our company and take a brief look back at the challenges we’ve faced and the work we’ve done as we’ve continued to grow over the last four decades.

How did it all begin?

In the early 1980s, the Italian economy was booming and globalization was beginning to change the world at a rapid pace. After being in charge of English and German communication at a chemical company for 10 years, I decided it was time to set up my own translation business. I rented a small office and began to support manufacturing companies that needed to communicate with international markets, especially Germany. There was none of the translation software that there is today and all communication was done using Telex. Nobody uses it now, but back then we thought it was remarkable!

Servizi Estero

In 1982, I started Servizi Estero to support businesses that wanted to trade with foreign markets. The company grew fast, through a combination of organic growth and acquisitions, and we went from 2 people to 20. Servizi Estero then became a family business when my children Martina and Piero decided to join the company and helped me propel it to the next level.

From Servizi Estero to Yellow Hub

In 2015, Servizi Estero became Yellow Hub. After acquiring companies specializing in the legal sector and life sciences, Yellow Hub had grown to become one of the leading language service providers in Milan. The rise of startups and fast-growing companies had changed the landscape once more, and we needed to adapt. We decided to go from a company that supported the import-export industry to a complete hub of resources offering language-related digital services and solutions to all companies operating at global scale.

The future ahead

The future will be dictated by our ability to blend world-class talent, digitalisation and technology with dedicated customer care, allowing us to support a myriad of different sectors and industries. Yes, the business size is important, but so is forging a healthy and financially stable company that’s always keen to guarantee our customers exceptional quality and a bespoke service.

Vantaggi extra per il 40° anniversario: Diffondere l'amore per le lingue

Per un’occasione così speciale, abbiamo pensato ad un regalo altrettanto speciale. Offriamo gratuitamente corsi di formazione aziendale e revisioni di siti web in inglese alle prime 5 persone che si uniranno ai nostri festeggiamenti! Non aspettare!