Interpreting Services

We offer high-quality interpreting services to support your company during business negotiations, conferences, events, training courses, meeting with public notaries and auditors.

Conference interpreting

From the biggest gatherings to small, intimate meetings, we offer conference interpreting services, so your speakers can present in their mother tongue while attendees listen in their preferred language.

We rely on a vast extensive network of interpreters rigorously selected based on their diploma, experience, and reliability. We take care of providing all the necessary equipment, from translation booths, sound technicians, and earphones.


Conferences & Conventions

Workshop &


Consecutive interpreting

Consecutive interpreting is an alternative to simultaneous interpreting that is useful in the case of smaller business talks, one-to-one meetings, legal appointments, or training events in small groups.

The interpreter takes note to jot down the speaker’s message and then repeats the passage in the target language. This interpreting service requires no technical equipment.


Chuchotage, or whispered interpreting, is often used in formal business meetings or guided tours where only one person is unable to understand the language used by the other participants.

The interpreter whispers the speech content or conversation into the recipient’s ear in real-time — at the same time as the speaker is talking. Chuchotage can only be carried out by a highly qualified interpreter and does not require any kind of special technical equipment.

Negotiation interpreting

Sometimes it’s simply not enough to excel at orally translating a message. Certain business or political negotiations require interpreters to have a high degree of cultural sensitivity and handle an extremely wide range of topics. 

In this kind of interpreting, strict respect for professional secrecy is required. That’s why we guarantee absolute confidentiality by having our interpreters sign non-disclosure agreements (NDAs).

Interpreting for online events

Many events managers now prefer online formats, as they offer opportunities to scale and extend their event’s reach. With travel and cost limitations removed, it is now possible to invite speakers and engage attendees from anywhere in the world. 

Interpreting at the inauguration ceremony of the judicial year, one of the most prestigious and institutional events held every year in the city of Milan.

Why choose Yellow Hub?

Qualified interpreters

We only work with official interpreters that possess outstanding language skills in at least two languages and possess a deep understanding of both cultures.

Highest standards

We’re certified to UNI 10574:2007, a worldwide recognized standard for the provision of interpreting services.

Auxiliary equipment

If necessary, we can provide the necessary equipment (booths & headphones) to make sure your event runs flawlessly.