Translations services

We translate over 4 million words per year into more than 80 language combinations, helping companies across different industries reach local audiences effectively.

Technical translation services

We offer technical translation services to help make your technical documentation accessible to international audiences.

Patent translation services

We offer world-class patent translation services for Italian and European enterprises that need to protect their intellectual property (IP). We know that accuracy and subject expertise are paramount.

Financial translation services

From financial statements to reports and audits, we offer translation services for banks, insurance and mortgage firms, and finance departments in enterprises.

Life sciences translation services

We offer top-quality translation services for pharmaceutical companies, medical devices manufacturers, healthcare facilities, and clinical research organizations.

Marketing translation services

We provide top-quality translation services for advertising and communication agencies as well as marketing departments in enterprises. 

Software localization services

We offer software localization services to help take your platform, app, or game into foreign markets.

Got a complex project?

If you need to translate heavily formatted documents or have a project with a very tight deadline, we’re always happy to speed up things over a discovery call.

Why choose Yellow Hub TDR?

Faster time to market

We work with automated translation workflows that combine the latest translation technology, big databases, and specialized linguists. It is thanks to this technology-driven approach, that you’ll be able to launch multilingual campaigns to your target markets faster.

+1200 specialized linguists

With over +40 years of market experience, we are one of the oldest language service providers in Italy. Over this period, we have assembled a large database of +1200 qualified linguists specialized in different market verticals.

Dedicated project management

You can rely on our dedicated account managers to handle any questions you may have and keep you updated with the progress of your projects.

How we work with your content






Project preparation

In this phase, we determine the project volume and provisional schedule. We also prepare your files for translation — some technical file formats require additional preparation work — to make sure we return them in the same format as they were handed off to us.


Translation work

At this stage, our translators will carry on their work in our CAT (computer-assisted translation) tool. CAT tools have integrated linguistic resources that help keep your content consistent and accurate while increasing translation speed.


QA check

We export the translated text from our CAT tool and deliver it back to you in the same format it was supplied in.



If any changes are needed after the review phase, we’ll make those and deliver the updated files back to you.