Legal Translation Services

We work alongside specialized legal linguists to offer lawyers, law firms and legal departments within enterprises the best-in-class translation services.

Sworn translations

Sworn translations are usually requested by certain institutions at home and abroad to ensure the official validity of the translation and the document. Our Sworn translation service covers every step of the process, until the document is delivered to your company.

Legalized Translations

In some cases, depending on the country of destination and intended use of the document, after signing and stamping the document, the translated document must be legalized, which certifies the origin and status of those who have signed the document. In this case, we also offer a no-hassle turnkey service and advise you on the correct methods of document authentication based on the country of destination and intended use.

Full Legal Service

Accuracy and coherence of the written word are critical when it comes to legal documents. To guarantee your legal translations meet the highest quality standards, we offer a very special service: translations carried out by a mother tongue lawyer in the target language and reviewed by a language professional.

We are on hand to support you with the translation of the following documents:

Contract Law:

International Law:

IP / IT Law:

Employment Law:


Banking & Finance:


Yellow Hub is an exceptional language service provider. They have helped address our most important needs in multilingual content management, while increasing our productivity and decreasing localisation costs.

Simona Sordelli

Head Of Corporate Communication at
Rödl & Partner Italy.

Why choose Yellow Hub?

Network of linguists

Our network of certified linguists is based all over the world. Yellow Hub is ready to translate your legal documents into any language.

Turnaround times

If you’ve got large volumes of content and tight deadlines, we can easily scale up our translation solutions thanks to our vast network of linguistics and our cutting-edge technology platforms: translation management system, translation memories, and digital glossaries.


Yellow Hub recognizes the value of data security and confidentiality when it comes to legal documents and deems all disclosed data, ideas, and all sources of oral and written information to be strictly confidential. We understand that the protection of documents and proprietary information requires legally binding non-disclosure agreements and a robust IT infrastructure (servers, networks, etc).