Empowering global teams: Yellow Hub's language training for TRUMPF

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Founded in Germany in 1923, TRUMPF is a leading high-tech company specializing in manufacturing solutions across machine tools, laser technology, and power electronics. Recognized as a market and technology leader, TRUMPF’s innovations are integral to industrial manufacturing in numerous sectors. With a global presence through over 70 subsidiaries across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, the company employs over 18,000 people worldwide, emphasizing its significant international influence and expertise in advanced manufacturing technologies.

In Yellow Hub, we have found a reliable partner that excels in meeting our needs with outstanding competence and flexibility. Our collaboration has smoothly guided us through a major 'cultural' transition: from conventional in-person lessons to online learning. Initially adopted out of necessity, this shift faced some hesitation from our participants. However, thanks to the excellent organization of the program and the high caliber of the instructors, remote learning has become a preferred and established routine. This adaptation has allowed us to extend training opportunities to colleagues who, due to their roles, were previously unable to participate in on-site classes. I look forward to continuing this fruitful partnership, furthering the development of our employees' skills, which is a strategic and advantageous focus for us.
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TRUMPF, a German company with an extensive international presence, including over 70 branches across Europe, the Americas, and Asia, has established English as the primary communication language within its global network. For the Italian subsidiary, proficiency in English turned out to be essential for routine operations and effective communication with stakeholders worldwide.

In 2019, TRUMPF tasked Yellow Hub with developing a tailored program to enhance the linguistic abilities of its Italian office staff. This initiative launched an annual language training program, specifically tailored to meet the unique needs of TRUMPF’s local employees.

Yellow Hub’s language training solutions

Yellow Hub adeptly met the challenge by delivering specialized language training tailored to TRUMPF’s various departments. The program encompassed employees and managers from diverse fields such as administration, technical support, and maintenance, engaging them in small group sessions or one-on-one courses. 

Recognizing the need for ongoing skill development, TRUMPF initiated a pilot project in 2023 specifically for external technical staff. This project aims to enhance their ability to communicate effectively with technicians at other sites and with colleagues at the headquarters, as well as to comprehend technical manuals and materials. Targeting a group frequently on the move for client visits, the program navigates the complexities of synchronizing training with their professional and personal commitments. Despite these challenges, TRUMPF is dedicated to the project’s continued development and success.

TRUMPF has embarked on a journey of continuous staff development, focusing on a thorough language training program. This project is customized to fit the unique styles of its learners, ensuring a more effective and tailored educational experience.

The virtual classroom experience

The language courses for TRUMPF take place remotely, heralding a novel learning approach that aligns with the company’s ongoing shift towards flexible work practices. These courses unfold in a virtual classroom, a hub for interaction, dialogue, and hands-on application. Engaging pedagogies like role-playing, focused repetition, and cooperative group tasks ensure robust student involvement, always prioritizing TRUMPF’s specific requirements. 

Additionally, the opportunity for participants to engage in supplementary self-directed learning activities fosters responsibility and recognizes individual effort, extending beyond the traditional classroom setting.

Securing training funds

A significant element of the partnership is Yellow Hub’s assistance in aiding TRUMPF to obtain funding for its training programs. Yellow Hub helps TRUMPF navigate the complete funding process, from the initial application to ongoing monitoring and final reporting. Yellow Hub’s comprehensive monitoring of each project aspect, including educational progress, attendance, and learner satisfaction, serves as a key factor in ensuring the success of the annual program.