Desktop Publishing Services

Our Desktop Publishing (DTP) team is ready to create and optimize your online and print documents for publication.

Is your document heavily formatted?

You would like to request a translation but you are hesitant as to what will happen to the document’s formatting once it has been translated. The text can get longer, the images might need adjustment, the layout might need to change. That is the case for PDFs or manuals that carry images or specific layouts. These types of files usually require desktop publishing (DTP). 

In the translation industry, desktop publishing means formatting documents correctly after they have been translated. The need for DTP varies, with some projects requiring little or not DPT at all, while others with complex formatting requiring many hours of work.

Our Expertise

Our DTP team ensures that all translated documents (guides, catalogs, flyers, books, brochures, magazines, and other printed products) look the same as the original provided, maintaining the format, the structure, and the program with which it was created.

Our Publishing Tools

Our DTP is equipped with tools that allow us to process various file formats: