Promoting Italian design globally: Molteni&C's excellence in international communication

About Molteni&C

Molteni&C, established in 1934, is a premier designer furniture company renowned for its extensive range of high-end home furnishings. The company caters to both private residences and large-scale projects, including residential communities and public buildings. Its diverse product lineup encompasses sofas, armchairs, tables, chairs, beds, drawer units, walk-in closets, bookshelves, multimedia solutions, home office furniture, rugs, and various accessories. Molteni&C products are available globally through its own branded stores and a network of retailers.

Project Overview


Home Furnishings Manufacturing

Language solutions

+700.000 words translated yearly
10+ Language combinations

The Collaboration with Yellow Hub

Molteni&C has partnered with Yellow Hub for over a decade to enhance its international reach, especially in key markets like Europe, the USA, and Asia, leveraging Yellow Hub’s expertise to communicate effectively across its 700 retail points worldwide.

Yellow Hub provides extensive linguistic support, offering translation services in multiple languages, including English, German, Chinese, Korean, Japanese, Spanish, Portuguese, French, Dutch, and Russian. This collaboration ensures that Molteni&C’s communications are clear and impactful, aligning with local market needs.

Types of content localized


Every year, we translate over 700,000 words of technical and marketing documentation for Molteni&C.

Expansion towards Asian markets (China)

China is a crucial and rapidly expanding market for Molteni&C. Yellow Hub has significantly contributed to adapting the company’s marketing materials and product information for the Chinese audience, which values brands with strong heritage and has a growing young consumer base.

Interpretation services for events

Alongside our regular collaboration with Molteni&C in translating and adapting content for international markets, we also provide interpretation services. A standout instance was during the Milano Design Week 2024, where Molteni&C hosted a workshop and a training program titled “A Story of Italian Design” for its network of international resellers.

This event excelled by weaving an effective storytelling narrative, enhanced by our interpretation services in Korean, Japanese, and Chinese. Storytelling is a potent technique for engaging audiences, allowing them to see themselves within the story and inspiring them to action or change.