Mastering the art of audiovisual translation: Spotlight on Karina Pisu

At Yellow Hub’s offices, where ideas and languages converge to create a unique multicultural environment, Karina Pisu stands out for her dedication and innovative capabilities.

Karina’s academic background is deeply rooted in Italy, yet her story and education are far more diverse. Raised between Italy and Great Britain, thanks to her mother’s English heritage, Karina experienced a childhood and adolescence enriched by varied cultural experiences.

Her educational journey included a year in the United Kingdom and another in Germany, broadening her worldview and deepening her passion for languages. Her academic pursuits were further solidified at the prestigious SSLMIT in Forlì, near Bologna, where she nurtured her love for multilingual communication.

Moving to Milan in 2005 to join Yellow Hub, then known as Servizi Estero, marked a period of transformation for Karina, both personally and professionally.

“The allure of language and communication has always captivated me, especially its impact in the advertising sector,” Karina reflects on her years with Yellow Hub.

Her initial role, blending project management with sales, was challenging yet immensely rewarding.

Moreover, as Karina notes, “The world of advertising isn’t just about words; it’s about conveying emotions and messages across cultures. It’s about connecting people.”

Karina’s exclusive focus on project management since 2019 has coincided with a pivotal moment for the industry. The onset of global lockdowns ushered in the digital era, where remote work and innovative technologies spiked the demand for new audiovisual translation projects.

“The lockdown acted as a catalyst. It forced us to rethink how we connect and communicate. Suddenly, there was a surge in requests for dubbing, subtitling, and video presentations,” recalls our project manager.

Among the projects that highlight the digital transition businesses have faced in recent years, the end-of-year presentation for a client company in Bergamo stands out.

The multilingual video celebrated the company’s successes and offered wishes to collaborators, demonstrating how digital innovations can bridge the gap between traditional corporate events and the new virtual world.

“It was a challenging but extremely rewarding project that allowed us to bring people together regardless of distance,” comments Karina. Despite the challenges, the journey was full of learning experiences.

The integration of artificial intelligence (AI) into the linguistic sector has also opened new horizons.

The real challenge lies in balancing AI capabilities with human expertise to provide a service that is not only efficient but also tailored to the client’s needs. Continuous training and the courage to experiment with new software and operational modes, even those never tried before, are crucial in this constantly evolving context. A tangible example is replacing the human voice in our corporate content with a synthetic one, venturing into the exploration of even unusual possibilities. “We are at a point where AI-generated voices in some languages can seem a bit artificial, but they are improving rapidly, especially in English.”

Karina Pisu’s experience at Yellow Hub underscores the importance of embracing change and technological innovation to remain a leader in the translation industry, particularly in audiovisual translation. Her story is one of continuous adaptation and demonstrates a commitment to excellence and innovation in meeting the increasingly diverse needs of clients.

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