Joining Forces: Yellow Hub & TDR Translation Company Merge

Milan, April 2021

Yellow Hub Srl and TDR Srl, two leading language service providers based in Milan have merged redefining the landscape of the language services industry in the country. The new company, Yellow Hub TDR, now ranks among the top translation companies in Italy.

The merger of the two companies seeks to widen their footprint so as to cover a greater number of verticals markets. To Yellow Hub’s vast expertise in the manufacturing, corporate communication, legal and financial sectors we now add TDR’s experience in the medical and pharmaceutical field as well as patents.

Yellow Hub and TDR: Shared Experience, Common Goals

Both companies have been providing quality language services for decades — TDR has been doing so for 25 years, Yellow Hub has been a grounded point of reference in the italian language industry for almost 40 years, since 1982. Throughout this period, they have been the partner of thousands of companies, meeting their ever-changing needs in regards to multilingual communication and facilitating their expansion towards new markets. 

Not surprisingly, the merger was a perfect fit, as both share the long-standing dedication, business philosophy, and customer focus.

The growth strategy moving forward prioritizes investments in technology and innovation, as it is the only way to attract top talent and offer the kind of solutions our clients are looking for. Equally important is the consolidation of our new and larger database of vendors, which now features a more varied pool of translators and interpreters. Thanks to this, we are now able to cover specializations in all market verticals.

Redefining the brand identity is a fundamental part of becoming a new company. We have fused the best elements of each partner to design our new logo, and from now on, you will see all our marketing assets will slowly transition to match this new branding style.

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Martina Bertuzzi

Head of Marketing & Sales

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