Giusto Faravelli Spa
A milanese heritage with a global vision

About Giusto Faravelli Spa

For over a century, Giusto Faravelli Spa has stood as a beacon of Italian excellence in the field of ingredient and chemical raw material distribution. Established in 1926, the company has become synonymous with innovation and reliability, setting a standard for the Made in Italy label within the industrial realm. 

Rooted in the dynamic heart of Milan, Faravelli has long pursued an international outlook. Starting in the 1970s, it broadened its horizons by establishing branches in Germany, the Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, France, Spain, China, and the United States, catering to a diverse array of sectors

We have been in partnership with Yellow Hub for several years, proving to be a dependable, efficient, and skilled provider. They stand as a trusted ally and an invaluable asset in bolstering our business operations.

Cinzia Faravelli

Faravelli’s influence extends beyond its commercial endeavors. The company has consistently acknowledged its societal role, showing unwavering dedication to stakeholders, employees, clients, business and financial partners, as well as the broader community. Corporate ethics have been a pivotal element of the company’s leadership ethos.

The global reputation of Faravelli has been meticulously crafted through strategic and forward-thinking communication, staying ahead of market trends and broadcasting its achievements in alignment with principles of gender equity and social responsibility.

Corporate communication for the global market: The Faravelli and Yellow Hub partnership

Central to this endeavor, Yellow Hub has, since 2015, been the cornerstone for all of the company’s international communications, handling vital translations such as the Annual Report, Transfer Pricing, Code of Ethics, and, as of 2024, the Whistleblowing Policy. The dedication Faravelli has shown in translating the Whistleblowing Policy into seven languages signifies its commitment to clear and transparent communication with its staff, bridging linguistic and cultural divides in a global setting.

Yellow Hub is also responsible for the linguistic training of Faravelli’s personnel, broadening their linguistic proficiency to match the company’s multicultural backdrop. Beyond English, the lingua franca of international business, Faravelli has invested in training in Spanish, German, and other essential languages to ensure seamless communication across any global context.