Energy and Environmental Translations

We offer top-quality translations services for companies in the green energy sector and new startups looking to promote the use of renewable resources to the detriment of the exploitation of resources subject to exhaustion.

The Green Economy

Climate change, environmental issues, and renewable energy are on top of the agenda today. The EU has set itself renewable energy targets by 2030 and goals for reducing its greenhouse gas emissions progressively up to 2050.

The energy sector, in particular, has to deal with complex and changing regulations – such as The Renewable Energy Directive – as well as health and safety requirements in the EU and worldwide. Operating in international markets, now more than ever, requires localization and translation for patents, along with manufacturing processes, specification sheets, and websites.

We are on hand to support you with the translation of the following documents:

Why work with us?

Expert knowledge

Over our 40 years of activity, we have worked on numerous environmental translation projects including the management and reuse of waste, incineration plants, wastewater treatment plants, the use of biomass as an energy resource as well as thermohydraulic, thermoelectric and photovoltaic energy production.

Corporate responsibility

Organizations that deal with environmental issues and look to build a better future also care deeply about their supply chain. If you’re looking for a localization provider that cares just as much as you do, then we invite you to take a look at our Code of Ethics.

An understanding of patent translation

We’ve got what it takes to help you with the translation of patent specifications, international search reports, written opinions of patent examiners, license agreements, and trademark registration applications.

Technology and Translators

We're equipped with leading translation technology that does not harm the environment. It also allows us to cooperate with a network of linguists all over the world, who are carefully selected and work remotely to produce top-quality translations for energy and the environment.