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Advancing reliability and innovation in digital radiology

Digitec stands at the forefront of digital radiology, boasting nearly four decades of research and development. The company’s software, designed for the acquisition, processing, and management of digital radiological images in radiography or fluoroscopy modes, sets a benchmark for reliability and innovation within the industry. 

In 2020, Digitec introduced TIRESYA, a versatile platform tailored to a range of X-ray systems, including mobile, fixed, remote-controlled units, and C-arms, encapsulating years of sector expertise. This platform received Medical Device certification in 2023, after fulfilling requirements set by a notified body and aligning with the EU Medical Device Regulation (MDR 2017/745).

2023: Compliance with the EU MDR Regulation.

(Medical Device Regulation 2017/745)

TIRESYA offers advanced functionalities to meet the demands of both human and veterinary healthcare. It features innovative algorithms like BONE SUPPRESSION (BS) for enhanced chest radiography by removing bones using AI, and DIGITAL TOMOSYNTHESIS (DTS), which enables internal anatomical visualization through 3D reconstruction of low-dose projections.

Digitec’s success stems not just from technological innovation but also from its unwavering focus on patient care. A significant portion of the company’s annual turnover is reinvested into research and development, supporting a young, dynamic, and multidisciplinary team that positions Digitec as a digital radiology leader. It’s the attention to detail that sets them apart.

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Collaborating with Yellow Hub has provided Digitec a significant opportunity for quality improvement. Yellow Hub has enhanced Digitec's technical and commercial documentation, including manuals and scientific articles on image processing algorithms, ensuring clarity, consistency, and effective communication.

E.P. Technical Writer

Over the year, 690,000 words have been translated, maintaining precision and consistency.

Details make the difference

In March 2023, amidst its international expansion, Digitec sought a skilled partner to globally communicate its expertise. This search led to a partnership with Yellow Hub, specialists in creating and managing multilingual terminologies. By developing an Italian glossary from the original manuals and translating it into key languages like English, French, German, and Spanish, Yellow Hub has ensured terminological consistency and industry standard adherence in Digitec’s translated materials.

The collaboration between Digitec and Yellow Hub extends beyond initial translations, featuring ongoing exchanges to keep the glossary up-to-date. This process accommodates new terms emerging from product launches or market expansions, facilitating Digitec’s focused international growth with guaranteed communication excellence in every language.