Business English Training for VMLY&R Health

About VMLY&R Health

VMLY&R Health is a global communications agency united around a single purpose: improving health all over the world by making science meaningful. The company offers a complete range of communication services for companies in the healthcare and pharmaceutical sectors and employs more than 13,000 people, spanning 75 offices in more than 40 countries. 

Si tratta, nello specifico, di una prestigiosa realtà che fornisce un’ampia gamma di servizi di comunicazione pensati appositamente per le aziende che operano nel settore sanitario e farmaceutico. Ad oggi, con una forza lavoro di oltre 13.000 professionisti, VMLY&R Health vanta la sua presenza in 75 uffici distribuiti in oltre 40 Paesi.

Project Overview

VMLY&R Health

Advertising Services
$249.9 m in revenue

Language solutions

Corporate language training
Dedicated Account Manager

We have supported VMLY&R Health with more than 10.000 hours of corporate language training

Yellow Hub & VMLY&R Health:
the partnership

When conducting operations on a global scale, language training is an immensely valuable asset, bolstering various aspects throughout the entire business. Employees can work effectively in diverse markets and do cross-border business with confidence, as they are able to communicate and network with clarity. And this investment in their professional and personal growth, contributes to higher satisfaction and loyalty, ultimately aiding in retention efforts.

VMLY&R is not a newcomer when it comes to taking care of their people. They have long known the benefits of professional development, and that’s why our partnership with them dates back to 2003, when the company still carried the storied Sudler name — WPP Health consolidated its pharma practice under the new agency brand, VMLY&R, in 2020. 

During all of these years, we’ve worked closely with their HR team to design and deliver individual and group English language courses for employees and C-level executives that have been financed through funds granted by Fondimpresa and Fondirigenti.

Having employees who can speak and work in non-native tongues has proven essential for VMLY&R which has a presence in multiple countries and requires effective communication with customers and other global stakeholders. 

Digitalization & Engagement

At the beginning of the collaboration, the courses were delivered on their premises, but thanks to the advance of digitization, today most training is done using our virtual learning platform. 

It also makes it easier to cater for the different preferences of each learner. While some like to read, others prefer podcasts, videos or even quizzes, and this is why VMLY&R’s Business English programs incorporates a variety of multimedia elements that make the learning experience more engaging and interactive. 

This switch has ultimately increased attendance and engagement levels as the teams can now access course materials and participate in classes from anywhere, at any time, as long as they have an internet connection.