An interview with Bizerba

This is the interview we made to Laura de Marco, HR Generalist Bizerba Italy.

The relationship with Yellow Hub dates back to 2010. How did it come about?

We were looking for a language training partner with a proven track record in the machinery/automotive sector, that could support us with the implementation of funded training programs with different degrees of complexity. And we found Yellow Hub!

Yellow Hub provides English language training to your staff. Which are the main goals of this program?

Yellow Hub supports us with corporate training but it would be naive to reduce our collaboration exclusively to just that. Over the years, their team has become more like a reliable source for networking with professionals in the most varied fields and sectors.

In recent years, we have enhanced our approach to language training, to make sure that our program is organized around small groups where students can learn the language itself but also improve software skills like time and meeting management or public speaking

2020 has been a year full of hurdles and challenges. What were the biggest obstacles in the process of transforming your on-site language training into virtual learning sessions?

When it became clear to us that 2020 would be a challenging year, we reached out to Yellow Hub and discussed the possibility of converting our face-to-facet training program to virtual classrooms. This ultimately meant the possibility of extending language training to all our branches throughout Italy.

Smart learning not only demands a different skill set but also high levels of motivation, which our staff has once again demonstrated to have. In the end, we have been able to continue with our regular corporate training program — a strategic asset for our company — and even develop new virtual courses.

Corporate training at Bizerba Italy is now done via Microsoft Teams. Are you satisfied with the way Yellow Hub has supported you during this digital transformation process?

Yes, we are satisfied. Yello Hub immediately took action to respond effectively to our training needs and support us competently even in this transition phase.

What qualities do you value in Yellow Hub’s team?

They pay a lot of attention to customer satisfaction and are able to build a business path that is based on our specific business needs. They don’t just offer a standardized catalog of services but follow a targeted and consultative approach that is grounded on their ability to listen to customer’s needs. 

Why do you trust Yellow Hub as a language training partner?

Basically, for everything I have mentioned above! We have been collaborating with Yellow Hub for more than ten years, always with positive feedback from our staff.