About us

Fondata nel 1982, Yellow Hub TDR è protagonista fra le società di servizi linguistici in Italia. Siamo al servizio di imprese, studi legali, brevettuali e istituzioni internazionali con le nostre soluzioni di traduzione multilingue e localizzazione.Founded in 1982, Yellow Hub TDR is one of the leading language service providers in Italy. We support enterprises, law firms, patent firms and international institutions with multilingual translation and localization solutions. Our range of localization solutions includes translation, revision, transcreation, terminology management, desktop publishing, subtitling, international SEO, interpreting, and corporate language training.


Since 1996, ANCIS (Italian National Association for Certification and Quality Assurance of Services Companies ) has certified our translation, interpreting services, and workflow processes.

Code of Ethics

We are proud about our  Code of Ethics because it reflects the core values of our company:

Compliance ex 231

Yellow Hub TDR has adopted the Organisational Model compliant to Legislative Decree no. 231/2001, hereinafter referred to as ex- 231. This organizational, management, and control model ensures fairness and transparency for all activities of legal entities on topics such as corruption and fraud in all deals, particularly in relations with the Public Administration. 

Leadership Team​

Meet our board of directors and management team, a talented group of people in charge of setting the strategic direction of our company.

Gianfranco Bertuzzi

Member of the Board

Giuliana Masolo

Founder & President

Roberto Ganzerli

Member of the Board

Martina Bertuzzi

Member of the Board
Head of Sales & Marketing

Piero Bertuzzi

Member of the Board
Head of Procurement

Gonzalo Urriza

Member of the Board
Head of Production & Innovation

Our Partners


The goal of the German-Italian Chamber of Commerce (Yellow Hub has been a member for more than 20 years) is to promote commercial and industrial relations between the two countries. It is an important partner in the social, economic and political scene for Italian companies that are interested in the German market.


Federlingue is the Italian Association whose role is to bring together Language Service companies, which provide translations, interpreting services and language training. Federlingue fosters the growth of companies in the language sector and improves service quality through training, updates, and the application of relevant ISO and UNI standards for the sector.


Elia (Association of European Language Industries) is the European Association of companies that specialise in language services. The scope of the association is to contribute to the success of the entrepreneurial activities of its members by organising events, networking and educational initiatives of interest for its member companies with focus on Europe, thus promoting the overall industry of language services.