Translation services for Human Resources

With our specialized translation services, we help your human resources departments communicate clearly and precisely with global teams while promoting diversity and inclusion.

Specialized translation

We deliver accurate HR translation services, for documents ranging from employee handbooks to consent forms, to help give your organization a local voice.

Corporate language training services

We work with training & HR managers to design tailored language courses to support your staff’s professional development and make them feel rewarded and more engaged in their work.

e-learning localization for global employees

Simplify your international employee onboarding and training programs with our e-learning localization expertise.

Documents that we translate

A critical department for organizations of the modern world

Recruiting, retaining and growing your workforce has become more challenging than ever. To compete for top talent, companies need to be empathetic to understand their wants and needs. We support your human resources department’s efficiency by helping overcome linguistic barriers and maintaining the quality of its communication across multiple languages.

Benefits for HR teams

Boost your global
recruiting efforts

Do you have a global recruiting strategy? We help you translate job offers, ensuring these web pages are SEO-optimized, so you can reach potential candidates faster and cheaper.

Improve your global communications

Whether it is about team building, empowerment, or global creation, we help you take your corporate message to the hands of your employees in their native language.

Promote diversity & inclusion

A diverse, multilingual staff workforce can help you reach more customers everywhere. We help you fuel your company’s diversity with the right HR translation services.