How we support Stada with our 360° language solutions

About Stada

Founded in 1895, Stada Arzneimittel AG is a leading manufacturer of high-quality pharmaceuticals headquartered in Bad Vilbel, Germany. The company which specializes in the production of generic and over-the-counter drugs sells its products in approximately 120 countries.

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€2,600 million revenue
+11,100 employees

Language solutions

Translation services
English training courses
Interpreting services

The Stada - Yellow Hub relationship

The Stada – Yellow Hub relationship dates back to more than 20 years, a few years later after the group launched its global expansion plan that led them to open multiple subsidiaries across Europe and the rest of the world.

In 1998, the Stada group founded EG Spa, its Italian subsidiary, and was searching for a long-term language service partner that could keep up the pace with their ambitions for rapid expansion in the Italian market.


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More than translation services

During these years we have completed multiple projects and translated thousands of words, allowing Stada to sustain its local operations in Italy. Our upgrade service (translation + QA) has consistently guaranteed the German company bulletproof translations, even during peaks of demand. But there has been so much more than just translation.

Like most multinational companies, Stada recognizes that linguistic barriers can be an obstacle in forging a solid organizational culture. They are constantly seeking to build a global brand that is at the same time, able to relate to all their different locations. Fluid, seamless communication is key to achieving that goal and is the reason why Stada commissioned language courses for their Italian subsidiaries. Our language training department designs the courses according to the specific needs of each team and in certain cases, private lessons are provided for C-level executives.

Occasionally, we also support Stada with interpreting services for conferences, congresses, and business meetings.

Yearly Results

150.00 words translated per year

+500 hours of language training

20 days of interpreting services