New funding opportunity for corporate training

With the issuance of Notice 2/2024, Fondimpresa has earmarked 10 million euros to foster the development of innovative training programs within companies, aimed at elevating employee competencies.

This opens up a valuable opportunity for small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) to deliver comprehensive training, with a focus on nurturing the professional skills of each employee.

From April 16, 2024, companies are invited to begin registration, with application submissions open from May 8 through July 9, 2024. Funding available varies from €1,500 to €10,000 per company, up to a ceiling of €40,000.

These amounts are set based on the maximum support intensity allowed under the applicable aid scheme and the initial accrual of the current year for all enrolments in the company’s Training Account.

Training plans may be designed for a single company or span across multiple businesses, potentially encompassing several regions. For inter-company plans, no more than 20 companies can participate, and the training actions must be specific to each company.

There’s no provision for using training vouchers. Instead, SMEs are required to keep an active balance in their dedicated training account and devise plans that meet the genuine demands of today’s job market.

The training agenda can include mandatory courses by law, yet it’s crucial these do not exceed 20% of the total planned training hours. Employees from adhering companies that fulfill the Notice’s criteria, including those on furlough and apprentices, are eligible to participate.

This initiative is accessible to all SMEs that haven’t received funding from a previous notice, ensuring a fair distribution of the resources at hand.

Ready for the May 8th Click Day?

Do you aim to devise a language training program for your staff, ensuring readiness for the May 8th click day?

Yellow Hub stands as your quintessential partner, crafting tailor-made language training solutions for your enterprise. Here’s a glimpse into the services we provide:

  • Bespoke programs that respect the unique role of each employee, aligning learning outcomes with job responsibilities;
  • Real-time tracking of investments to guarantee engaging, high-quality courses for every participant;
  • Customized training designed to enhance international interactions;
  • An engaging, technology-driven approach in our teaching methods to deliver an innovative and captivating educational experience;
  • Ongoing assessment and feedback to encourage a deep commitment and a keen motivation towards learning;
  • Adaptive training pathways, fine-tuned to meet corporate needs, ensuring a seamless learning journey.

Boasting over 40 years of expertise, Yellow Hub is a frontrunner in language training, renowned for its adeptness in tuning into and meeting the educational demands of companies with effective, forward-thinking solutions.

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