Language services for a global, research-driven pharmaceutical giant

About Boehringer Ingelheim

Boehringer Ingelheim, founded in 1885 and family-owned ever since, is a major German pharmaceutical company with a strong presence in Italy. With around 1000 employees across three main locations, including central offices in Milan and production facilities in Fornovo San Giovanni (Bergamo) and Ninety Padovana (Padova), they focus on the development, manufacture, and marketing of pharmaceuticals, parasiticides, vaccines, and therapeutics.

Boehringer Ingelheim si impegna nello sviluppo di terapie fortemente innovative che possano cambiare la vita, oggi e per le prossime generazioni. In qualità di azienda biofarmaceutica guidata dalla ricerca, crea valore attraverso l’innovazione in ambiti in cui ci sono ancora bisogni terapeutici insoddisfatti.

In Italia il Gruppo è presente con circa 1000 collaboratori, su tre sedi: a Milano, con l’headquarter della filiale italiana, a Fornovo San Giovanni (BG), sede di Bidachem S.p.A., polo strategico del Gruppo a livello mondiale e a Noventa Padovana (PD), sito produttivo di vaccini veterinari.

Project Overview

Boehringer Ingelheim

7.5 billion euros of revenue in Europe
1000+ employees in Italy

Language solutions

Translation services
3 language combinations
190,00+ words every year

Our collaboration with Boehringer Ingelheim began in 2021, following Yellow Hub’s acquisition of TDR, another language service provider based in Milan. This transition was crucial as client transfers in acquisitions demand careful handling and personalized service. From the outset, we zeroed in on Boehringer Ingelheim’s specific needs: rapid turnaround times, content accuracy, cost transparency, and prompt responses.

We embraced these challenges, using our expertise to provide tailored linguistic solutions. This approach has fostered a growing partnership, marked by an increasing volume of content for translation.

Annually, we translate 190,000+ words for Boehringer Ingelheim Italy, encompassing a wide range of content across different domains.

Yellow Hub Language Solutions

Types of content localized

Translated file formats

Additional services


We adeptly handle UNIFARM format files, a specific requirement by the Italian Medicines Agency (AIFA) for new drug uploads or updates to existing Patient Information Leaflets (PILs) labels or blue boxes. Our precision in meeting these strict layout guidelines ensures their documentation is seamlessly accepted on the AIFA website.

Terminology management

In the life sciences sector, consistent terminology is crucial. For Boehringer Ingelheim, we implemented advanced terminology management solutions. This ensures that standard terms and messages are translated consistently across all key languages, enhancing the clarity and reception of their content among diverse target audiences.

Desktop Publishing

For Boehringer Ingelheim's multilingual materials like catalogs and brochures, we added desktop publishing to address text expansion or contraction post-translation. This critical step ensures that all documents are graphically aligned and perfect in the target languages.