An Interview with KSB Group

This is a written record of an interview with Riccardo Vincenti, Maging Director of KSB Group Italia.

How did it the relationship with Yellow Hub come about?

KSB Italia S.p.A. is the Italian subsidiary of the KSB Group, a worldwide leader in the production and selling of pumps and valves. We are a company with a global presence, and we were looking for a partner that could support us with language solutions for our translation needs but also for corporate language training for our staff.

We chose Yellow Hub for the complete offer of services that it has managed to offer us following the study of our reality and our needs.

Yellow Hub has offered language training services for your employees but also for management within your organisation. Why is language training important for you?

Yellow Hub has been right next to us providing support for our entire corporate language training plan. Today in 2020 we have four English courses, one Chinese course, and German ones. But to me, the most important thing is that our team is really happy with the service in terms of teaching methods and teachers’ skills.

Yellow Hub has also offered translation services for your organisation. Which target languages and text types have you used Yellow Hub for?

We currently have a framework agreement which comprises the revision of all our catalogs and technical brochures. The main language combinations we require are:

How do Yellow Hub’s project managers collaborate with your own team?

They are always available and ready to listen to our requests. For us, it is especially important that they take care of new incoming projects quickly and efficiently, always delivering within schedule.

What qualities do you value in Yellow Hub?

I would definitely say professionalism and customer care in general, but I also regard very important the skills and proficiency of their language teachers.

When we look out for partners, we always want to make sure they are flexible but also reliable, which for us means they will be able to guarantee continued service and deliver excellence even during complex or unpredictable situations.

Yellow Hub invests a lot in quality assurance. Is this something you value highly when choosing a language service provider?

The translation quality and accuracy are essential given the technical and complex nature of our content, that’s why we’ve chosen a partner that’s equipped with state-of-the-art translation technology and certified with ISO standards. With Yellow Hub, we never actually faced any quality issue.

How do you measure the success of your language suppliers?

Well, that can be analyzed on many different levels, but there is one factor that, at least to me, stands above many others: The success of a partnership is rooted in the satisfaction of our staff. Whether it is those who participate in one of the language training programs or those who are involved with translation work and can rely on another team that eases their work and respects their delivery times.

Why do you trust Yellow Hub as a language partner?

After so many years of continued service and high-delivery standards, we know Yellow Hub is a reliable supplier. But at the end of the end, reliability is made up of bits and pieces of everything: The quality of the teaching courses, the accuracy of the translations delivered, the way they organize and manage our technical terminology, the speed when it comes to delivery times… And of course, their ability to continue to match every new language request with a cost-effective solution.