Beyond language barriers: Orotig's strategy for international success

Excellence in laser technology

Founded in the early ’90s, Orotig is an Italian company specializing in the engineering and production of laser solutions for welding, marking, melting, and cutting both precious and non-precious metals, focusing on the jewelry, industrial, and dental sectors.

The company was established by developing a particularly sophisticated technology for micro-casting and welding titanium, a material widely used in the dental field and notably difficult to process. Thanks to the experience gained over the years and constant research and development activities, Orotig revolutionized the jewelry sector in 2005 with the introduction of the first compact laser welder. Today, the company, also thanks to the dedication and skills of its design team, is able to offer a complete and highly differentiated portfolio for each target market.

Project overview


Laser marking and welding
+20 million euros in turnover


40,000 words translated every year
4 language combinations


Types of content localized


In anticipation of launching our new corporate website, we sought a translation agency that was not only responsive and approachable but also capable of accurately translating our product specifications into 4 languages (English, French, German, and Spanish) using precise technical terminology. Our company has a comprehensive global presence, making it crucial for all promotional materials related to our solutions to be translated with utmost precision and accuracy. Therefore, we chose to partner again with Yellow Hub, a company we had worked with previously and which has consistently met our needs with quality and professionalism.

Giulia Pachera
Marketing Manager

Orotig and global communication through Yellow Hub

Localizing our new corporate website into English, Spanish, French, and German represented a significant challenge. The site is viewed by the company as an essential showcase for our worldwide customers. Choosing Yellow Hub as our translation partner was influenced by our satisfaction with their previous technical translations and the precise terminological choices for manuals. This level of technical accuracy is crucial for conveying the benefits of Orotig’s innovative machinery features to an international audience.

Collaborating with Yellow Hub has not only reinforced the global presence of their prestigious brand but also expanded their reach as a world leader in the welders, markers, and melters market.

Thanks to the multilingual translation of their website and additional materials, Orotig has broken down language barriers, showcasing their state-of-the-art products to a global clientele.